Cosmetics and Medical Expertise – The Perfect Combination for Healthy, Beautiful Skin

Cosmetics and medical expertise – both are important for a beautiful, healthy skin. At our Dermatology Center of Competence at Rosenpark Clinic, our specialist physicians find the proper therapy for your skin problems as well as the appropriate aesthetic method for skin rejuvenation. In doing so, we always recommend continuing skin care to you and our medically trained cosmetologists will provide you with expert assistance and, if needed, work closely together with the dermatologists at the clinic.

Along with medical cosmetics, we will indulge you with classical cosmetic treatments at our Rosenpark Studio, the first medical spa in the city of Darmstadt. Exclusive applications of high-quality, well-known cosmetic products also include discreet permanent makeup, permanent hair removal as well as massages, anti-cellulite and Ayurveda treatments.