Focused Light for Skin Regeneration: Our Fractional Laser

Up until old age, our skin is able to regenerate itself. Only sometimes, it is missing the right stimulus.

This can be provided by fractional lasers: With individual rays of collimated light, they penetrate the uppermost layers of the skin and create micro-injury points at a depth within the skin. The surrounding, undamaged tissue is stimulated to produce new cells and thus fresh collagen. At the same time, the destroyed cells are carried away. The effect: The skin regenerates from within and appears younger and fresher.

How is it administered?

The rays of the fractional laser are emitted in a grid-like pattern via a hand piece. The dermatologist thus passes over the skin several times in different directions in order to achieve the most even treatment pattern as possible.

Is some sort of anesthesia required?

The treatment is generally performed under local anesthesia using an anesthetic cream, sometimes in combination with pain-relieving drops.
For more information about your options for a comfortable, pain-free treatment see the anesthesia section.

When can I resume normal daily activities?

Following treatment with the Solta Fraxel re:fine®, mild redness/swelling lasts for a maximum of ten hours and can be covered with makeup. Following treatment with the Solta Fraxel re:store® DUAL®, it is best to allow yourself three to four days of downtime while the skin is reddened and visibly peeling. Following treatment with the Palomar Star Lux 1440/1540™, the redness lasts for just one to two days, and there is significantly less peeling than with the Fraxel re:store®. After the more intensive treatment with the Palomar Star Lux 2940™ and the Solta Fraxel re:pair®, the skin bleeds and weeps – this is an intended reaction. You should allow yourself about one week for healing.

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