Nutritional counselling - For more quality of life

With its nutritional counselling, the Rosenpark Klinik accompanies its patients on their way to better eating habits. The qualified ecotrophologist Silke von Küster also advises on weight problems or the desire to maintain weight after a a body shaping or body lifting operation - naturally in close consultation with the medical team.

In individual nutritional counselling, we first diagnose your current physical condition before developing a nutritional programme for you that is tailored to your prerequisites and needs. With regular counselling appointments, we accompany you in changing your eating habits and give you tips suitable for everyday life on how to achieve your goal.

n her lecture series on nutrition and health, our expert also speaks once a month about a special topic on eating habits that are good for body and soul.

After all, what and how we eat can have a significant influence on our well-being, our zest for life and, not least, our overall quality of life.

Are you interested in nutritional counselling at the Rosenpark Klinik? We would be very happy to make an appointment for your non-binding, personal information.