Focused Light for Skin Regeneration: Our Fractional Laser

Laser treatment for facial rejuvenation at Rosenpark Clinic: Fractionated lasers cause by means of micro-injury points skin regeneration and collagen formation for skin rejuvenation and scar treatment and to combat creases and abnormal pigmentation.

Up until old age, our skin is able to regenerate itself. Only sometimes, it is missing the right stimulus.

This can be provided by fractional lasers: With individual rays of collimated light, they penetrate the uppermost layers of the skin and create micro-injury points at a depth within the skin. The surrounding, undamaged tissue is stimulated to produce new cells and thus fresh collagen. At the same time, the destroyed cells are carried away. The effect: The skin regenerates from within and appears younger and fresher.

Our wrinkle treatment experts

Dr. Gerhard Sattler
Dr. Sonja Sattler
Dr. Birgit Buxmeyer
Dr. Cecilia Duma
Dr. Helen Haas
Dr. Daniel Müller
Dr. Oliver Weirich

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