Rosenpark Clinic: Experienced in Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery

25 years of experience and over 90,000 facial rejuvenation procedures, over 35,000 body contouring treatments and a total of well over 95,000 satisfied patients make the Rosenpark Clinic an international center of excellence for aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery. Dr. Sonja Sattler and Dr. Gerhard Sattler founded the beauty clinic in Darmstadt in 1996. In February 1997, the Rosenpark Clinic opened its doors to patients for the first time. It is a leader in the field of liposuction using gentle tumescent local anesthesia, the lowest-risk method of liposuction available today. In addition, the Rosenpark Clinic is a pioneer in facial rejuvenation, for example, facelift with and without surgery. A specialist department for dermatology and a center for breast and vein surgery complete the treatment spectrum.

Rosenpark - The premium brand for beauty, well-being and aesthetics in Germany

Holistic patient treatment according to the latest scientific and clinical knowledge is the highest priority for the Rosenpark Clinic. The Rosenpark brand includes:

Rosenpark Klinik

At the Rosenpark Clinic, we bring together a wide range of expertise under one roof: each doctor has years of experience in his or her specialty.

Rosenpark Studio

The Rosenpark Studio - Our modern medical wellness spa in the center of Darmstadt, offering nourishing, regenerating treatments for face and body, massages, anti-cellulite and Ayurvedic treatments, as well as medical-cosmetic aftercare following operations

Rosenpark Research

Rosenpark Research - The study center for scientific surveys in aesthetic and plastic surgery, which works closely with university hospitals and pharmaceutical companies

Congress Administration Services

CAS - Congress Administration Services, a congress agency that organizes scientific medical congresses in the dermatological, surgical and aesthetic fields worldwide.