Aesthetic surgery and medical treatments are as individual as you are. No nasal correction is the same as any other, and each vein treatment is geared specifically to the patient. Therefore, we cannot and do not wish to publish fees. Following a comprehensive initial medical consultation, you will receive a detailed offer from us which is tailored to your wishes and specifications and lists all charges.

We charge 50 Euros for the initial medical consultation – independent of time and scope. We are obligated to do this since this is a medical service. After the initial consultation, we will send you a no-obligation offer on the scope and costs of the treatment. We do not ask you for a deposit until you have given your consent in writing and scheduled a treatment appointment. Please make the final payment on the day of treatment. You can also financethe costs of surgical procedures.

In the event of any pathological findings, a so-called Medical Indication, the surgical costs may be reimbursed by your health insurance company. Rosenpark Clinic is a private clinic accredited according to section 30 of the Trade Regulation Code [Gewerbeordnung]. After the initial consultation, you will receive a detailed offer in the case of medically necessary interventions in accordance with the Statutory Scale of Fees for Physicians [GOÄ] which you can then use to clarify with your health insurance company whether they will cover charges in your particular situation.In any case, you will remain our contract partner and settle our invoice.

It is placed in your hands. Nature has equipped our body with the ability, in "good times" when the food supply is plentiful, to store reserves for "lean days" – whether or not these actually occur.If the energy from your food intake exceeds the actual need for a longer period of time, your body will store reserves in the form of fat deposits. If, for example, fat cells were removed from the hips, your body will use fat cells at other sites as energy storage. Therefore, to achieve long-lasting results from your treatment for fat reduction, diet adjustment may be helpful. Our nutritional consultant would be happy to advise you in this regard.

"Before and after photos" of aesthetic surgery procedures have been legally prohibited since April 1, 2006 – as per section 11 para. 1 no. 5b Law on the Advertising of Medicinal Products [HWG] they may no longer be shown. Discretion is a top priority for us here at Rosenpark Clinic. Therefore our patients can completely count on the fact that their "before and after photos" are exclusively for themselves – unless they expressly agree in writing to another use.

At Rosenpark Clinic, you will be looked after by a specialist team of renowned, experienced physicians from various fields, working closely together - for the complete well-being of the patient. Our specialist physicians continuously undergo further training, learn on a global scale about the latest scientific developments, are involved in medical associations and act as contributors at national as well as international conferences. 

Our highly trained nurses are by your side during your treatment/surgery at Rosenpark Clinic with competence, care and sensitivity. With their many years of experience – whether as an OR nurse, care nurse, physician's assistant, in anesthesia or intensive care medicine – they provide you with care even before the procedure, clarify all of your questions and ensure that you undergo the treatment in a relaxed, trusting atmosphere. 

Our entire hospital team with approximately 60 staff persons ensures that patients and guests at Rosenpark Clinic not only receive highly competent medical care but that they also feel comfortable all around.

Procedures intended exclusively for cosmetic-aesthetic improvement cannot be performed on minors. Medically necessary surgery to correct pathological changes may – with the consent of the parent or legal guardian – be performed before age 18. Our patients are usually over 21 years of age.

Aftercare is very important to us here at Rosenpark Clinic. After each surgical procedure, our specialist physicians discuss in detail with each patient which steps should be taken, and when – to support wound healing and for a beautiful result. In addition, patients who just underwent surgery are given a direct telephone number which they can call to ask for medical advice around the clock, 7 days a week.

Most of the treatments at Rosenpark Clinic are outpatient. Our anesthetists control the anesthesia such that you can walk out of the OR on your own. However, it is also possible that surgery may necessitate monitoring or you may feel more secure here at our facility during the first night after the surgery. You may then spend the night in one of the patient rooms at Rosenpark Clinic itself or in the rooms reserved for the clinic at the Maritim Rhein-Main Hotel in Darmstadt – with the same competent care provided by a nurse as in the clinic.