Customer Service – We Ensure the Highest Level of Quality

Highly qualified specialist physicians with many years of experience, the safest treatment methods and first-rate medical requirements are among the quality standards at Rosenpark Klinic. But this is not enough: We strive every day to ensure that our patients know they are constantly in the very best hands and that they feel good all around here.

Our customer service team at Rosenpark Klinic will handle all aspects of a consistently high level of service quality. This includes not only maintenance of the stylish ambiance and the high-quality furnishings in both clinic villas. Our service for your physical well-being and comfort in our guest rooms or the information and entertainment program of Rosenpark Klinic must also always be critically reviewed and meet the high demands of our clinic.
Because your satisfaction motivates the entire clinic team at Rosenpark Klinic to continually work on the quality of their services for you. 

We welcome suggestions and critique, desires and also praise at any time and we support our customer service in its work which is so important to us. Please feel free to contact us.

Melanie Philipps
Customer Service
Rosenpark Klinik
Heidelberger Landstraße 18/20
64297 Darmstadt

Telefon: +49 (0)6151 9547 81
Fax: +49 (0)6151 9547 77
E-Mail: customer.service(at)