Rosenpark Clinic: Experienced in Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery

More than a quarter of a century's experience and over 95,000 facial rejuvenation procedures, more than 40,000 body contouring treatments and a total of well over 100,000 satisfied patients make the Rosenpark Klinik an international centre of excellence for aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery. Dr. Sonja Sattler and Dr. Gerhard Sattler (✝14.09.2022) founded the beauty clinic in Darmstadt in 1996. In February 1997, the Rosenpark Klinik opened its doors to patients for the first time. It is a leader in the field of liposuction using gentle tumescent local anaesthesia, the lowest-risk method of liposuction available today. In addition, the Rosenpark Clinic is a pioneer in facial rejuvenation, for example facelifts with and without surgery. A specialist department for dermatology and a centre for breast and vein surgery round off the treatment spectrum.

Rosenpark - The premium brand for beauty, well-being and aesthetics in Germany

Holistic patient treatment according to the latest scientific and clinical knowledge is the highest priority for the Rosenpark Clinic. The Rosenpark brand includes:

Rosenpark Klinik

At the Rosenpark Clinic, we bring together a wide range of expertise under one roof: each doctor has years of experience in his or her specialty.

Rosenpark Studio

The Rosenpark Studio - Our modern medical wellness spa in the center of Darmstadt, offering nourishing, regenerating treatments for face and body, massages, anti-cellulite and Ayurvedic treatments, as well as medical-cosmetic aftercare following operations

Rosenpark Research

Rosenpark Research - The study center for scientific surveys in aesthetic and plastic surgery, which works closely with university hospitals and pharmaceutical companies

BELLARI Rosenpark

BELLARI Rosenpark is our medical beauty practice in a premium location in Germany. We want to make the renowned expertise of the Rosenpark Clinic in aesthetic medicine accessible to even more people through BELLARI Rosenpark in Frankfurt and Hamburg: through the uncomplicated combination of high-class aesthetic treatments (non-invasive) with professional cosmetics.

Congress Administration Services

CAS - Congress Administration Services, a congress agency that organizes scientific medical congresses in the dermatological, surgical and aesthetic fields worldwide.