The team at Rosenpark Klinik is looking forward to your Visit

Our entire clinic team ensures that patients and guests at Rosenpark Klinik not only receive highly competent medical care but that they also feel comfortable all around. From the very first moment, they witness the work performed visibly and also behind the scenes by our approximately 60 staff members: upon arrival at the Art Nouveau villa, during the initial consultation, during the treatment, when relaxing in the idyllic park after the procedure or being cared for overnight by us, right up to any aftercare and their future visits to our facility. Attentiveness and personal care create a trusting atmosphere in a stylish, cultivated ambiance.

From the surgeon to the gardener, from the surgical nurse to the office manager – all of them are experts in their fields and they wish to provide you with a pleasant, successful stay at Rosenpark Klinik.