Anesthesia at Rosenpark Klinik – Caring and Safe

At Rosenpark Klinik our patients can relax and „let themselves go“ in the truest sense of the word. Our anesthesia team attends all surgeries and procedures that require anesthesia or for which the patient requests anesthesia – from local anesthesia to general anesthesia.

Anesthesia consultation generally takes place during treatment/operation consultation. Anesthesiologist and patient get to know each other, clarify the patient’s medical history and discuss the suitable anesthesia:

  • Local anesthesia
  • Tumescent local anesthesia
  • Regional anesthesia
  • Twilight sleep
  • General anesthesia

The patient also finds out how to prepare for the numbing or anesthesia.

Our anesthesia team supports our patients with professional, confident and empathetic care during and after the procedure. This way you can be ensured of a pleasant, physically safe and pain-free clinic stay.

You can find more information in our "Anaesthesia" information sheets, which you can request from us free of charge.

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