Facial Surgery – A Lasting, Younger Appearance

Facial surgery procedures at Rosenpark Clinic include facelifts with accompanying volume therapy, forehead, eye and chin lifting and an optional nasal surgery.

Rosenpark´s facial surgeons are specialized in gentle, surgical facelift methods which lead to a lasting, younger appearance. With their qualifications, many years of experience, and high standards for a natural result, they develop an individual treatment plan together with each patient.

When the elastic fibers in the facial muscles lose their resilience over the years, our specialist physicians recommend specially targeted surgical methods to appropriately correct pronounced wrinkles in the cheeks and neck, drooping corners of the mouth, sagging jowls or double chins. Their high degree of anatomic knowledge and trained eye for a well-proportioned face contribute significantly in preserving the patient's personal facial expressions and individual radiance. Incisions are skillfully made so they are not later visible to others. 

Individually or combined in a more major procedure, the face surgeons at Rosenpark Clinic perform the following procedures on an outpatient basis: 

An alternative to surgical lifting which does not use incisions – but which also has a tightening effect after repeated treatments – is volume therapy, for example with:

Other gentle methods for skin rejuvenation without incisions are

The facial surgeons at Rosenpark Clinic are also capably devoted to your desires for aesthetic or medical nasal correction.

In the field of ear surgery, we use various surgical techniques to correct large, protruding or deformed ears as well as unsuccessful prior surgeries at other facilities – for harmonious proportions of the face and head.

Facelift, forehead lifting, eyelid lifting – Dr. Stefan Kalthoff advises on the various options for facial surgery at Rosenpark Clinic.
Dr. Stefan Kalthoff discusses patients' wishes and medical options.
In a consultation, the surgeon explains all information and answers all questions.

Our facial surgery experts

Dr. Stefan Kalthoff
Dr. Gerhard Sattler
Dr. Birgit Buxmeyer
Dr. Sonja Sattler

Are you interested in a no-obligation personal consultation for the different possibilities of facial surgery in the Rosenpark Clinic? We would be happy to schedule an appointment for you.