Dr. med. Kinga Antal is a Specialist Physician in Anesthesiology & Emergency Medicine

Dr. med. Kinga Antal has been working at the Rosenpark Klinik as an expert for anesthesia procedures since 2021. Together with Dr. med. Franz SchottDr. med. Angelika Hechler and Dr. med. Cristian Nicoara, she ensures that operations of the most varied types and durations are performed for patients of the Rosenpark Klinik without fear or pain and with the highest degree of safety. Even during non-surgical procedures, Dr. med. Kinga Antal can be called on at any time to administer a sedative or pain-relieving agent if necessary.

After a detailed, personal preliminary discussion with the patient, Dr. med. Kinga Antal recommends the most effective and gentle anesthetic in each case. She accompanies the entire operation, provides professional aftercare and gives advice on pain management at home.

Treatment focus of Dr. med. Kinga Antal

  • Anesthesia (e.g. total intravenous anesthesia – TIVA, tumescent local anesthesia, sedation), pain treatment and emergency medicine