We bid farewell to Dr. med. Gerhard Sattler - Founder and Medical Director of the Rosenpark Klinik

Dear friends of the Rosenpark Klinik,

It is unspeakably difficult for us to inform you that our founder and Medical Director Dr. Gerhard Sattler, MD, has passed away unexpectedly after a short and serious illness.

With his vision of the Rosenpark Klinik, he created a home and a second family for us 25 years ago.

We would like to thank our dear boss, a brilliant doctor, an extraordinary visionary, a unique person, a friend, for everything he did for us, for his patients, for aesthetic medicine, but above all for his clinic.

Our thoughts are with his family and surviving relatives.

We cannot put our feelings into words and are standing close together to process this heavy loss.

We will cherish his memory and continue to be there for you in his name.

In deep grief,

the Rosenpark family
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Dr. med. Gerhard Sattler was regarded worldwide as an authority in aesthetic surgical dermatology, for liposuction, vein treatment, treatments under the extremely gentle form of anaesthesia, tumescent local anaesthesia, for wrinkle treatment and facial rejuvenation.

He completed his specialist training in dermatology as early as 1988. At that time, Dr. med. Gerhard Sattler was one of the first to deal with beauty medicine - especially with liposuction / fat removal and facial rejuvenation.  He has performed more than 13,000 liposuctions and over 30,000 facial rejuvenation treatments himself. 

In addition to numerous book publications and over 100 expert-reviewed scientific publications, Dr. med. Gerhard Sattler was in demand worldwide as a speaker at medical congresses. He was intensively involved in the development of new treatment methods in aesthetic medicine as well as in qualified further training in aesthetics and the promotion of young talent.

Short vita Dr. med. Gerhard Sattler

1977 –   1983Study of human medicine, Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
1983   Licence to practise medicine, Frankfurt am Main
1988Specialist in dermatology
1988 – 1998Senior physician at the dermatology clinic at Klinikum Darmstadt
1989Established liposuction on awake patients under tumescent local anaesthesia and autologous fat therapy in Germany
1992Initiator and since then every two years organiser of the "International Darmstadt Live Symposium for Operative Dermatology", a scientific platform for the exchange of experience for worldwide specialists of all disciplines in the field of aesthetic surgery
1996Founder and since then Medical Director of the Rosenpark Klinik Darmstadt, Clinic for Aesthetic-Surgical Dermatology and Plastic Surgery
2012Awarded the internationally renowned Board Certification of the World Academy of Cosmetic Surgery for Board Certification in the category "Dermatologic Aesthetic Surgery"

Treatment focus of Dr. med. Gerhard Sattler

  • Body contouring: liposuction, lipoedema treatment, autologous fat treatment, corrective surgery, body lift, cellulite treatment, butt lift, inner leg lift
  • Facial rejuvenation (wrinkle treatment): Fillers (e.g. volume therapy, hyaluronic acid), Botox®, autologous fat injections, Thermage®; Skin surface treatment: local therapy, laser treatment, chemical peeling; Classic skin surgery (scar correction, birthmark removal, skin tumour removal, eyelid lifting)
  • Vein surgery, sclerotherapy and laser surgery, treatment of spider veins and varicose veins