Breast Reduction (Breast Lifting)

The breast reduction at Rosenpark Clinic lifts sagging breasts – for a more juvenile appearance. For a beautiful bust, our expert reshapes the breast, reduces its size, or lifts it.

When the breast has lost its firmness and sags, many women consider themselves unattractive and suffer from this visible "premature aging." Overly large breasts may further promote this development and cause physical discomfort.

Using the most modern surgical techniques, our breast expert Leonard Nenad Josipovic at Rosenpark Clinic reshapes the sagging breast, reduces its size if needed, and lifts it. He can additionally adapt overexpanded or overly large nipples to the new breast shape and breast size.

However, family planning should be considered prior to the procedure: Surgical breast lifting or reduction can affect the ability to breastfeed and further pregnancies can have a negative effect on surgically corrected breasts.

How is it performed?

The surgical techniques for breast lifting and breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) are fundamentally similar, except in the case of breast reduction, additional glandular tissue is removed. To lift sagging breasts, excess skin is removed, the base of the breast is narrowed, and the glandular tissue is remodelled. If the breast is felt to be too small overall, despite sagging or loss of volume, a breast implant can significantly improve its size and firmness.

What sort of sanesthesia is necessary?

Breast lifting/reduction is performed under general anesthesiaFor more information about your options for a comfortable, pain-free treatment see the anesthesia section.

When can I resume normal daily activities?

You may leave the clinic after spending one night here. Following the procedure, an elastic compression dressing will be applied for one day and thereafter, for four to six weeks, you will wear a special bra which we have fitted. You may resume your normal daily activities after five to six days. Athletic activities should be avoided for four weeks.

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Our breast surgery expert

Leonard Nenad Josipovic

Expert tip:

Leonard Nenad Josipovic: "Providing you with a detailed explanation and information prior to breast surgery is very important to me. For this purpose, we will preferably have several preliminary talks."