Intimate Aesthetics for Women

Most corrections on women's genitalia are performed on the inner (small) and outer (large) labia.

Due to

  • a congenital defect
  • difficult childbirths
  • significant weight loss
  • age-related changes to the body

the labia may

  • be too large
  • slacken
  • be too small.

This may result in pain during everyday movement or during sex. In addition, the trend for pubic shaving makes disproportions in the size of the inner and outer labia visible and gives rise to a desire for aesthetic correction.

Also, the mons veneris can be perceived as less aesthetically pleasing if it is overdeveloped due to

  • genetic tendency
  • weight gain
  • menopause

and is overly visible under clothing.

What we can do for you

With much understanding and sensitivity, our experts at Rosenpark Clinic will provide you with advice regarding this sensitive area. Together with you, they will select the treatments suitable for your needs from a variety of possibilities:

  • For augmentation of the inner and outer labia and as an anti-aging measure to restore resilience to slackened labia, we perform injections with hyaluronic acid.
  • During correction of overly large labia, skin and fat tissue are surgically removed.
  • Reduction of the inner labia can also be combined with augmentation of the outer labia.
  • Reduction of the mons veneris is performed by means of liposuction.

Our experts for intimate aesthetics for women

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