Vein Diagnostics: A View Into the Depths

Spider veins and varicose veins are not just an aesthetic problem – they may be signs of functional problems of the leg veins. When varicose veins are diagnosed, they should be treated promptly, because thromboses, vein inflammation and ulcers may result.

For comprehensive diagnostics, our experienced specialist physicians primarily use ultrasound duplex investigations (color duplex ultrasound).

The advantage as compared to other methods: The results can be discussed during the initial examination. As a supplement, we use the cold-light magnifier/Veinlite®: The horseshoe-shaped light illuminates the tissue from all sides and makes veins visible.

If the diagnosis indicates that the superficial spider veins do not have any underlying cause, we will tell you about our aesthetic spider vein therapy.

If a harmful varicose vein has already developed, we will explain modern methods of varicose vein treatment (surgical and non-surgical) to you.

Expert tip

Dr. Mithat Bayindir: "Early detection is the key: The sooner we detect serious blood flow problems, the better we can treat them."