UNIVERSKIN - the tailor-made skin care for face and body

You have your own style of dress. Your hairstyle suits your type. Now there is also individual skin care that fits your skin exactly and gives it what it needs - no less, but also no more.


UNIVERSKIN is the innovative individual care from France for face and body. It was developed with the combined expertise of dermatologists, biologists, chemists, pharmacists, anatomical pathologists and specialists in facial reconstruction and plastic surgery.  

UNIVERSKIN starts where the possibilities of commercially available skin creams end: with the individual needs of your skin. Because not even in one family is one skin type the same as another - and the skin of your face and different regions of your body are not the same either and have very different care needs. UNIVERSKIN is the care that is individually formulated for you - for your face and for your body.

How is it performed?

First, our skin experts analyse your skin in detail to learn about its condition, needs and possible dysfunctions. Then they mix your individual serum nexultra® together, which has exactly the right composition for your skin.

What is UNIVERSKIN made of?

From the serum nexultra® - this is a basic formula to which our skin experts add exactly those active ingredients that give your skin the nourishment it needs right now and also address its potential problems.

The basic formula consists of

  • organic gold-of-pleasure oil 
  • hyaluronic acid  
  • biomimetic peptides - biological messengers that promote skin balance. 

The 20 different active ingredients

  • include vitamins and minerals, moisturisers and oil components, antioxidants and fruit acids - from aloe vera and ascorbic acid to D-pathenol, magnesium and zinc. 
  • have been selected on the basis of years of skin research with a view to their clinical efficacy and are now sourced through collaborations with pharmaceutical companies. 

Your personal serum nexultra® is 

  • individually tailored to your skin 
  • minimalist and precise 
  • safe and uniformly effective

What do I have to consider?

Your personal serum nexultra® is freshly prepared for you and is free of preservatives. It is therefore best to use it up within the next six weeks - and possibly store it in the refrigerator.

Are you interested in a non-binding, personal consultation about UNIVERSKIN at the Rosenpark Klinik? We would be very happy to arrange an appointment with you.