Hyperhidrosis - Two Methods to Combat Excessive Sweating

Hyperhidrosis can be an enormour psychological burden: showering and changing clothes several times a day and the never-ending worry about unpleasant odors. The experts of Rosenpark Clinic know two procedures of solution.

The sweat glands continuously work – whether or not the body needs cooling. One to two percent of the German population suffers from excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). For them, this means showering and changing clothes several times a day – and the enormous psychological burden associated with never-ending worry about unpleasant odors.

At Rosenpark Clinic, we have two methods for reducing your sweat production at the armpits and hands and feet to a normal level.

In the case of hyperhidrosis, overactive sweat glands on the feet can be selectively blocked by Botox® at Rosenpark Clinic.
Excessive function of sweat glands on the soles of feet . . .
At Rosenpark Clinic, overactive sweat glands on the hands can be shut down with Botox®.
. . . and hand surfaces can be blocked with Botox®.
Armpit sweat glands that work unchecked are blocked in Rosenpark Clinic using Botox® or laser lipolysis or are permanently removed using suction curettage.
In the armpits, the glands can even be removed.

Which methods are available?

In the case of treatment with Botox® , the drug botulinum type A is selectively injected in measured amounts where overactive sweat glands are located. This prevents the transfer of nerve signals – the sweat glands simply no longer receive a "work order." This treatment should be repeated in six months since by that point, it is known from experience that the body has broken down the drug.

Using suction curettage in combination with laser lipolysis, the sweat glands in the armpit region are removed. In about 80 percent of patients, this permanently reduces sweating. This method permanently removes sweat glands but it can be repeated, if needed.

Is some sort of anesthesia required?

In principle, for Botox® therapy in the armpit region, no anesthesia is necessary. However, we can provide anxious or agitated patients with an anesthetizing cream. Treatment of hands and feet is performed under sedation.
The suction curettage in combination with laser lipolysis is performed under tumescent local anesthesia.

For more information about your options for a comfortable, pain-free treatment see the anesthesia section.

When can I resume normal daily activities?

Botox® therapy does not involve any limitations for you.
After the surgical procedure, you can once again go about your usual activities the following day with the dressing. Heavy physical strain and athletic activities should be avoided for the first week.

Are you interested in a no-obligation personal consultation for hyperhidrosis treatment at Rosenpark Clinic? We would be happy to schedule an appointment for you.

Expert tip

Dr. Konstantin Feise: "Decide on hyperhidrosis therapy – and give yourself a new quality of life."