Liposuction Permanently Eliminates Fatty Tissue

Just a few years ago, liposuction was still an exclusive cosmetic procedure. In the meantime, it has become a low-risk procedure for permanent removal of undesired disfigurating fat for optimized body sculptured contour – also thanks to its consistent refinement at Rosenpark Klinik. Dr. Sonja Sattler and Dr. Gerhard Sattler (✝14.09.2022) founded the Clinic in 1997 as a center for liposuction. Today, our experience is based on more than 30,000 successful liposuctions.

Which liposuction method is used at Rosenpark Klinik?

At Rosenpark Klinik, liposuction is done under tumescent local anesthesia. This method was refined by Dr. Gerhard Sattler (✝14.09.2022) and is one of the lowest-risk liposuction methods.

What result will be achieved with liposuction?

Liposuction permanently removes excess fatty tissue and can be used almost anywhere on the body. Effective areas of application::

  • Double chin
  • Upper arms
  • Male breast
  • Female breast
  • Abdomen/waist
  • Back
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Calves
  • Ankle region

How does the procedure go?

First the tissue is prepared with special tumescent local anesthesia. Then a vibration cannula is inserted into the skin through several small incisions. The doctor then loosens the excess fat cells between the skin tissue and the muscle fascia and aspirates them.

What sort of anesthesia is necessary for liposuction?

The respective areas are locally numbed with tumescent local anesthesia. To this end, a highly diluted anesthesia solution is injected into the tissue in large quantities.
The advantages of the tumescent local anesthesia for liposuction:
The patient is awake and

    • can actively position him/herself
    • can tense individual  muscles
    • can stand up for a symmetry check
    • thanks to the basic tension of his/her muscles, the body contour can be seen

    For more information about your options for a comfortable, pain-free treatment see the anesthesia section.

    When will I be able to resume my regular activities?

    As a rule, patients can generally resume their regular daily activities in three to four days. The exterior healing is usually complete after four weeks – without physical limitations during this time, except for a compression garment you shall wear during that time. Maximum reduction results as well as the tightening of the skin are expected four months after the liposuction.

    You can find more information in our "Body shaping" information sheets, which you can request from us free of charge.

    Are you interested in a no-obligation personal consultation for liposuction at Rosenpark Klinik? We would be happy to schedule an appointment for you.

    Additional information

    Expert tip

    Dr. Sonja Sattler: “Trust our 30 years of body contouring experience. More than 30,000 successfully performed liposuctions in Rosenpark Klinik stand for quality and trust.”

    What else you can do

    • After the treatment, our cosmetic department will be happy to recommend special skin care to make the healing process as easy as possible.
    • To support the effect and to flush out the unwanted substances, a lymphatic drainage is also advisable, which we offer you in our Rosenpark Studio.
    • You should also drink plenty of fluids to help your body flush out the substances.
    • The ultimate in body contouring is the combination of liposuction and laser lipolysis.
    • For cellulite patients, we advise complementary treatments with the gentle SmoothShapes® and LPG® methods.