Laser Lipolysis with Cellulaze™ and Slimlipo™: Focused Laser Engergy for an Even Skin Appearance

Sometimes diet and exercise cannot help: flabby skin stays flabby, small areas of fat stubbornly remain and unwelcome cellulite refuses to go away. The skin experts at Rosenpark Clinic are specialized in state-of-the-art and simultaneously low-risk methods for perfectioning your figure.

One of these is laser lipolysis: focused laser engergy for an even skin appearance.

Laser lipolysis:

  • is for today the most effective method against cellulite on the thighs, buttocks and upper arms;
  • also evens out other areas of the body, bulges, pockets of fat and annoying dimples;
  • is suitable for the treatment of age-related elastosis;
  • perfectly supplements the results of the liposuction.

At Rosenpark Clinic we use the Cellulaze™ and the Slimlipo™ system both by Cynosure for laser lipolysis.

How does the procedure go?

Targeted energy loosens, heats up and liquefies the fatty tissue in the upper-most subcutaneous layers during laser lipolysis. At the same time, the focused engergy modifies the connective tissue stricture that is responsible for the typical cellulite dimples.

  • The immediate effect: By the heat of the laser the connective tissue attachment of the skin becomes tighter.
  • The long-term effect: In the weeks after the treatment the denaturated collagen is eliminated and replaced by new connective tissue – strictures and dimples improve and level out.

What sort of anesthesia is necessary?

The respective areas are locally numbed with tumescent local anesthesia. To this end, a highly diluted anesthesia solution is injected into the tissue in large quantities.

The advantages of the tumescent local anesthesia for laser lipolysis:

The patient is awake and:

  • can position him/herself;
  • can tense individual muscles;
  • can possibly stand up for a symmetry check;
  • thanks to the basic tension of his/her muscles, the body contour can be seen in any lying position.

For more information about your options for a comfortable, pain-free treatment see the anesthesia section.

When will I be able to resume my regular activities?

As a rule, patients can generally resume their regular daily activities in three to four days after the treatment. The exterior healing is generally complete after two to four weeks – without physical limitations during this time, except for a compression garment you shall wear during that time.

Our laser lipolysis experts

Expert tip

Dr. Gerhard Sattler: “The combination of laser lipolysis and liposuction is currently the state-of-the-art in body contouring for patients with excess skin.”

What else you can do

  • After treatment, our Cosmetic Department will be glad to recommend a special skin care program in order to make the healing process as easy as possible.
  • We also recommend lymph drainage in order to increase absorption of undesirable swelling in the first weeks after the treatment. We offer this procedure at our Rosenpark Studio.
  • You should also drink a lot of water in order to enhance metabolization during the woundhealing process.
  • For cellulite patients we recommend additional treatment with the gentle SmoothShapes® or LPG®/Endermologie methods.