Autologous Fat Injections – For Depth Modeling of Sunken Areas of the Face

When our skin becomes wrinkled over time, this is a sign of the natural loss of volume – elastic fibers, fat deposits, connective tissue and facial muscles.

Autologous fat injection is one of the modern aesthetic procedures for facial rejuvenation which the experts at Rosenpark Clinic rely on since more than 15 years.

Autologous fat

  • is particularly suitable for large-scale volume augmentation of sunken areas of the face and deep wrinkles
  • is particularly successful at brightening dark circles around the eyes

It features many different advantages:

  • It is well tolerated since it comes from the body itself
  • Allergic reactions or tissue rejection do not develop
  • Sufficient quantities are available
  • Unlike synthetic fillers, the body does not completely break it down (up to 20 percent of each injection stay permanently)

With autologous fat treatment, the facial rejuvenation effect can last long.

How is it administered?

Fat from the patient's own body is taken in a small liposuction procedure in tumescent  local anesthesia from an inconspicuous site (for example from the thigh, hip or abdomen), prepared sterilely and injected deeply in a targeted fashion into the desired sites. The treatment should be touched up after no earlier than four weeks. Sometimes a second correction after another four weeks is recommended. The result lasts long – for about two years, depending on the site. Thereafter, a repeat injection can be given. For these follow-up treatments, part of the autologous fat taken undergoes deep freezing and is stored at Rosenpark Clinic.

Is some sort of anesthesia required?

Removal of the autologous fat is performed under tumescent local anesthesia. The second part of the tratment, the fat injection, is generally performed under local anesthesia using a cream or in a short twilight sedationFor more information about your options for a comfortable, pain-free treatment see the anesthesia section.

When can I resume normal daily activities?

The treatment itself takes one to two hours. The fat harvesting can take up to three hours. Temporary redness and minor bruises at the injection sites are normal. After some days they can be easily concealed with a gentle cosmetic preparation.

Our autologous fat injection experts

What else you can do

  • Volume augmentation of the face can be easily combined with other non-surgical aesthetic dermatology procedures, for example with Botulinum, a laser treatment or a peel. The methods complement each other, since they address the various causes of skin aging.
  • The effect of the volume therapy can be supported by regular skin care with a moisturizing cream containing hyaluronic acid.
  • To emphasize the skin-smoothing effect of the volume therapy in a lasting manner, we recommend individual follow-up care. In the cosmetics department of Rosenpark Clinic are competent staff members who will create your personal anti-aging care regimen.