Eyebrow correction – For Naturally Curved Eyebrows

Why look tired, stressed or angry when this does not match your attitude towards life? Deep-seated eyebrows and frown lines in between are signs of natural aging because the forehead loses elasticity over the years.  

With eyebrow correction, the facial surgeons at Rosenpark Clinic give your brows a fresh lift. Frown lines and crow's feet disappear. With surgical lifting, your skin also undergoes visible rejuvenation. Your forehead smoothes out.

How is it performed?

The plastic surgeon places the incision at the hairline in the upper half of the face. Then skin and fat tissue up the eyebrows are loosened and lifted from the muscle layer. Excess skin is removed before the surgeon closes the suture without any tension. After the procedure, the scar is covered by hair and is thus not visible to others.

What sort of anesthesia is required?

Eyebrow lifting is performed under general anesthesiaFor more information about your options for a comfortable, pain-free treatment see the anesthesia section.

When can I resume normal daily activities?

If only the eyebrows are corrected, the procedure itself is performed on an outpatient basis. But usually it is combined with a forehead lift. Following this surgery, we will keep you overnight at Rosenpark Clinic. We will provide wound care and cool down swelling around the eyes. The sutures will be removed eight to ten days after the procedure. Then you will be able to fully resume normal daily activities. You should only gradually increase physical exertion following the surgery.

Our eyebrow lifting experts

Expert tip:

Dr. Stefan Kalthoff: "Eyebrow correction is generally combined with a complete forehead lift and leads to a natural, lasting result."

What else you can do

  • Eyebrow correction can be combined with additional lifting surgeries such as upper lid lifting or lower lid lifting – for an overall more awake, more friendly look.
  • Eybrows can be lifted without surgery but with Botox® for up to 0,3 cm!
  • Wrinkles can also be treated without incisions using a laser and Botox®.
  • Having a loss of fat in the lower eyelid region means having to deal with dark circles around the eyes. Here, an injection of hyaluronic acid or autologous fat can not only eliminate a tired look but also the dark shadows under the eyes are significantly reduced – with a very natural, lasting result.