Facelift / Neck-cheek Tightening – Gentle and Without Visible Scars

The neck-cheek tightening is the classic facelift surgery. It improves

  • Deep wrinkles on cheeks and neck
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Drooping corners of the mouth
  • Sagging cheeks
  • Marionette folds / sagging jowls

The lifting procedure tightens the skin, connective tissue, and muscles which have lost their resilience due to genetic tendencies and also due to UV damage.

With a facelift, the physicians at Rosenpark Clinic fulfill your wish for significantly fresher, more positive radiance which lasts. For more than ten years, we have specialized in facelift surgeries and rely on gentle, low-risk facial surgery techniques which generally do not leave behind visible scars.

A measure of our success is an appropriate, natural result which reflects the personal facial expressions and individuality. The face remains attractive in an age-appropriate way, without appearing excessively smoothed out.

When is a facelift worthwhile?

The optimal age for a facelift is between ages 50 and 65 . The right time is when you constantly look tired and haggard and a return to desired radiance is only short-lasting. Then others will only notice a change in terms of a natural, fresher appearance. Waiting too long may make the rejuvenating effect more obvious. 

How is it performed?

For the face-neck lift, our experienced Plastic Surgeons rely on the High SMAS technique. Performing this in combination with a volume augmentation provides the best and longest lasting results:

  • High – This means that the tightening is performed above the cheekbone, which enlarges the effect: Not only the cheek but also the entire middle portion of the face is tightened.
  • SMAS means superficial musculoaponeurotic system. The superficial musculature under the skin is released, tightened, and repositioned. Then the skin can be replaced without any tension over the newly modeled face. Excess skin is removed.

In a facelift, the incision is placed around the ear as well as continued in the hair above and behind the ear, if necessary.  The incision for a neck lift is placed below the fold of the chin on the neck. After they have healed, the incisions are not visible to others.

If further corrections such as upper- or lower lid liftingforehead lifting or laser treatment of wrinkles around the mouth are also desired, these can be performed during the same surgical procedure.

What sort of anesthesia is required?

The surgery is performed under sedationor under general anesthesia. For more information about your options for a comfortable, pain-free treatment see the anesthesia section.

When can I resume normal daily activities?

Swelling will remain for about a week. The sutures will be removed after eight to ten days. You will generally be able to resume normal activities two weeks after the procedure.

Our experts for facelift/ neck-cheek tightening

Expert tip:

Dr. Stefan Kalthoff: "In combination with a facelift, a double chin or excess skin on the neck can be gracefully corrected through fat aspiration in the chin area."

What else you can do

  • For more fullness in the tightened face, we also offer you combined hyaluron therapy, if desired, also with autologous fat injection.
  • To flush out undesired substances, lymphatic drainage is recommended – we offer you this in our RosenparkStudio.
  • Wrinkles – particularly around the mouth – can also be treated without an incision using a laser.