Thermage® – Younger and Tighter Body Skin, Without Incisions

kin rejuvenation with radiofrequency waves gives the skin on your body a firmer, younger appearance: like a lifting without any incisions. Since 2004, our dermatologists at Rosenpark Clinic have successfully used the gentle method for skin rejuvenation: the ThermaCool system from Thermage®, known simply as Thermage.

How does Thermage work?

Thermage® uses the stimulating effect of monopolar radiofrequency waves. In deeper layers of skin, it works in two ways:

  • During the treatment itself, the heated collagen fibers contract – about ten percent of treated patients demonstrate a tightening effect that is immediately visible.
  • They stimulate the new formation of collagen: Over the next four months, the skin develops visible tightening from within.

The desired effect is visible shortly after the first treatment and improves continuously over four to six months. Depending on the respective skin texture and the natural aging process, it may last for many years. As needed, the treatment can be repeated annually.

How is it performed?

A special hand piece emits controlled amounts of monopolar radiofrequency waves on the skin. In order for it to take effect in deeper layers, the surface is cooled with a spray.

When can I resume normal daily activities?

Following treatment, you can resume normal activities without any limitations.

You can find more information in our "Body shaping" information sheets, which you can request from us free of charge.

Are you interested in a no-obligation personal consultation for non-surgical body skin rejuvenation at Rosenpark Klinik? We would be happy to schedule an appointment for you.

What else you can do

  • Please also note our information on non-surgical body skin rejuvenation with  SmoothShapes® , Venus Legacy™ and laser therapy.
  • Following treatment, our cosmetics department recommends special skin care for you which is intended to intensify the visible effect as much as possible.
  • In addition, you should drink plenty of fluid to help your body flush out the substances.