CELLFINA™ - the new cellulite procedure with immediate effect

With CELLFINA™, the Rosenpark Klinik offers you a new procedure that very effectively minimises individual dents in the orange peel skin. Due to genetic predisposition and hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle of women, shortened connective tissue fibres coupled with varying degrees of swelling of the fat cells cause the typical cellulite relief. Especially on the back and outside of the buttocks and thighs, cellulite appears in the form of large dents.

How does the procedure go?

The innovative CELLFINA™ procedure from Merz uses the minimally invasive and standardised method of subcision. Under local anaesthesia (with tumescent local anaesthesia), the area to be treated is first suctioned using negative pressure and then the CELLFINA™ handpiece is guided into the tissue through a millimetre-sized incision. This carries a small needle-shaped scalpel at the tip, which cuts the tissue bands exactly 6mm - 10mm deep, so that the skin in the affected areas can relax and return to its smooth original position. 

The Rosenpark Klinik is one of only four training centres for CELLFINA™ in Germany and already has the first treatment results.

What sort of anesthesia is necessary?

As tumescent local anaesthesia has been applied to the area to be treated, you will not feel any pain during the treatment. The days after, you may feel a slight pain (haematoma pain), but this will disappear within a foreseeable period of time.

When will I be able to resume my regular activities?

As a rule, patients can generally resume their regular daily activities in three to four days after the treatment. The exterior healing is generally complete after two to four weeks – without physical limitations during this time, except for a compression garment you shall wear during that time.

Treatment areas

Larger indentations and dents can be treated, especially in the buttock area and on the thighs.

You can find more information in our "Body shaping" information sheets, which you can request from us free of charge.

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What else you can do

  • After the treatment, our cosmetic department will be happy to recommend special skin care to make the healing process as easy as possible.
  • To support the effect and to flush out the unwanted substances, a lymphatic drainage is also advisable, which we offer you in our Rosenpark Studio.
  • You should also drink plenty of fluids to support your body in flushing out the substances.
  • For cellulite patients, we recommend complementary treatment with the gentle SmoothShapes® or Venus Legacy™ methods.