Upper Arm Tightening / Upper Arm Lift – Making Annoying Skin Flaps Disappear

The upper arm lift is helpful after major weight loss or age-related loss of skin elasticity of the upper arms. It removes annoying skin flaps and in combination with liposuction excess fatty deposits.

When the skin of the upper arms sags, as if it were one or several sizes too large, this can become a physical strain for the affected person. Short sleeves are a no-no and every lifting of the arms, every wave makes the defect tangible and visible.

The expert team of aesthetic plastic surgeons at Rosenpark Clinic will show you the best way to improve the appearance of your upper arms. If your only problem consist of excess fat and pockets of fat, liposuction can be sufficient. If only skin winkling is the problem without sagging fractional laser or Hyaluronic acid treatments can improve the conditions.

Surgical tightening of the upper arms alone will only help in specific cases and for profusely excess skin because the procedure will leave behind visible scars on the inside of the upper arms.

How does the procedure go?

The incision for the lifting operation is made from the armpit to the inner elbow area. The surrounding skin is loosened, the sagging skin is tightened and fatty deposits are removed by liposuction before the skinincision, if needed.

What sort of anesthesia is necessary?

The upper arm lift is done under twilight sleep or under general anesthesiaFor more information about your options for a comfortable, pain-free treatment see the anesthesia section.

When will I be able to resume my regular activities?

We like to keep you at the clinic for 24 hours after the surgery. Eight days later you will be able to resume your work and social obligations.

Our experts for upper arm tightening

Expert tip

Dr. Stefan Kalthoff: “The aesthetic result of the scarring depends on the patient’s behavior after the operation. Treating yourself with care is crucial.”

What else you can do

  • After treatment, our cosmetic department will be glad to recommend a special skin care program in order to make the healing process as easy as possible.
  • During the first four weeks after the surgery you should wear special compression garments.
  • We also recommend lymph drainage in order to enhance the effect and increase absorption of undesirable swelling in the first weeks after the treatment. We offer this procedure at our Rosenpark Studio.
  • The success of the upper arm tightening depends on your behavior after the surgery. In order to take care of the scars and prevent them from stretching, you should avoid physical activity for the first six weeks and not engage in major exertion.
  • You should also drink a lot of water in order to enhance metabolization during the woundhealing process.
  • After completion of the exterior healing after about six weeks you can gradually resume light exercise. You should wait at least three months to resume any muscle training.