Plasma lifting with Plasmage® - The gentle and fast alternative for a smoother eye area

Skin tightening with the help of plasma technology is a completely new method in aesthetic medicine. The innovative Plasmage® procedure uses ionised gas that unfolds its effect without contact. Because it tightens the upper layers of the skin like a lift without surgery, plasma lifting is particularly suitable for treating wrinkles around the eyes. Not only in old age, but especially as a non-invasive tightening of drooping eyelids in young years.

How is it performed?

During the treatment, the special handpiece is held over the skin at a small distance. It heats the skin at specific points, which then contracts. The doctor places heat point next to heat point and can treat wrinkles in a very targeted way.

The resulting micro-wounds also stimulate a healing process on the surface of the skin, which further firms the skin in the days following the treatment.

The treatment can be repeated at any time if the patient wishes.

Is some sort of anesthesia required?

Plasma lifting is rather painless, so it is sufficient to anaesthetise the corresponding area locally with a cream. Supplementary options for your pleasant, pain-free treatment and further information can be found under Anaesthesia.

When can I resume normal daily activities?

After the treatment, slight swelling may occur for about two to three days. In addition, a typical scab forms, which falls off after three to seven days. During this time, you can hide your eyes behind sunglasses.

To avoid sun damage, it is advisable anyway to apply a high sun protection factor, wear sunglasses or hats for eight to twelve weeks.

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What else you can do:

After the treatment, our cosmetic department will be happy to recommend special skin care to accompany the process of skin tightening and also to ensure effective and safe sun protection.