Venus Viva™ - For a visibly beautiful complexion

Venus Viva™ is the combination of multipolar radiofrequency technology and microneedling for fractional treatment of the skin.

The combination of these two proven technologies enables the simultaneous treatment of several skin problems in just one step: signs of ageing, e.g. wrinkles and lost elasticity, disorders of the skin, e.g. pigmentation disorders, large pores or an uneven skin texture. Acne scars, sagging skin on the chin and stretch marks are also corrected with the innovative Venus Viva™ procedure.

The radiofrequency technology is suitable in principle for all skin types and can also be used in the treatment of acne and rosacea.

Venus Viva™ uses NanoFractional Radiofrequency™ and SmartScan™ technology. In this way, the heating of the tissue is permanently controlled and the treatment is made as comfortable as possible.

How is it performed?

The area to be treated is treated with the Venus Viva treatment head. Depending on the treatment, a choice is made between two attachments. For rosacea patients, for example, microneedling can be omitted so as not to irritate the skin too much.

The main treatment head is equipped with the finest tips for skin surface treatment, which stimulate skin renewal. Micro-fine wounds, which are not visible after the treatment, are placed on the skin and multipolar radiofrequency energy circulates in the depth at the same time. This heats the tissue and generates the formation of new collagen.

Is some sort of anesthesia required?

The treatment is usually carried out under local anaesthesia with the help of an anaesthetic cream, sometimes in combination with painkilling drops.
ou can find additional options for your pleasant, pain-free treatment and further information under Anaesthesia.

When can I resume normal daily activities?

Basically immediately. After the treatment, you can expect a temporary redness that disappears completely after a few hours to a day, as well as a moderate swelling that is not visible to outsiders.

You can find more information in our "Facial rejuvenation" information sheets, which you can request from us free of charge.

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