Pigmentation Disorders, Age Spots, Hyperpigmentation and Precursors of Cancer – Effectively Treated with Light or Cold

Pigmented spots as one becomes older are the result of increased UV light irradiation, generally due to extensive sunbathing. Because the skin has an enormous long-term memory.

Age spots

  • appear starting at age 40
  • are about the size of a lentil, light brown in color and have clear borders
  • primarily develop on the face, but also on the backs of the hands or lower arms

An excess amount of the pigment melanin which intensifies through additional UV irradiation, is responsible for their development. Abnormal pigmentation is generally harmless, from a medical standpoint. Sometimes they are perceived as "beauty flaws", because they have the effect that UV-damaged skin often looks patchy and rapidly appears old. 

In the dermatology consult at Rosenpark Clinic, we will show you several ways in which we can successfully treat abnormal pigmentation. In addition, we perform skin cancer screenings. Patients with chronic skin damage after marked UV exposure which is already considered to be a precursor to nonmelanoma skin cancer can also get indispensable dermatological expertise and medical help here.

What forms of treatment are there and how do they work?

At Rosenpark Klinik, we use effective but gentle methods to remove bothersome age spots and other benign pigmented spots in the case of abnormal pigmentation:

  • Cryotherapy: Individual pigmented spots are sprayed or dabbed with liquid nitrogen. The affected cells are killed off through cold shock and replaced with healthy cells during the healing phase.
  • IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy: With the energy from the flash lamp pigmented spots can be disintegrated in a targeted fashion such that they significantly fade away. Additional effect: The brief, intensive light pulses also counteract minor wrinkles. The entire complexion is improved and refreshed.
  • Laser treatment with the most modern technique: The fractional thullium laser of the Fraxel re:store DUAL® renews the surface of the skin and ensures breakdown of the additional melanin. The sieve-like damage to the dermis by the laser stimulates the new formation of skin cells. This brings about improvement and revitalization of the facial skin – for a fresher, more even appearance.
  • Photodynamic therapy (PDT): We treat chronic skin damage (actinic keratosis or Bowen's disease) which is considered to be a precursor of skin cancer with recognized and proven photodynamic therapy (PDT). The altered cells are thus destroyed in a targeted fashion by special red light which is intensified by a special cream. Positive side effect: PDT stimulates the new formation of collagen. In this way, the skin is rejuvenated and appears smoother and tighter.

Is some sort of anesthesia required?

No anesthesia is needed for cryotherapy.
The treatments with the IPL flash lamp and laser are mildly painful. They can be performed under local anesthesia using a cream. For more information about your options for a comfortable, pain-free treatment see the anesthesia section.

You can find more information in our "Facial rejuvenation" information sheets, which you can request from us free of charge.

Are you interested in a no-obligation personal consultation for the treatment of abnormal pigmentation and age spots at Rosenpark Klinik? We would be happy to schedule an appointment for you.

Expert tip:

Dr. Sonja Sattler: "New or changed pigmented spots should be professionally assessed by a dermatologist. Only then can optimal, individual therapy be recommended."

What else you can do

  • Patients with abnormal pigmentation should use skin care products with sunscreen daily. As a general rule: Intensive UV radiation of your skin should be avoided for 14 days prior to treatment. Throughout the entire treatment period and also in the four weeks afterwards, sunscreen with an SPF of 50+ is essential.
  • The skin experts at Rosenpark Clinic will give you detailed advice on how to care for your stressed skin and provide you with detailed recommendations – from pure skin care and proper use to effective sunscreens and concealing cosmetics and finally to a recovery plan, for example with high-quality, individually prepared anti-aging creams or rich moisturizing creams.