PRP – Younger Skin with the Natural Power of the Body itself

PRP is the completely natural method for wrinkle injections and skin revitalization through biostimulation using components from the body's own blood. The new form of therapy for extensive skin rejuvenation uses the body's own growth factor to trigger regenerative processes in the skin.

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. Platelets and plasma are obtained from the patient's own blood and injected into the patient – the most natural anti-aging method.

PRP is particularly popular with American actors and models and is also known as a "vampire lift" due to the use of the patient's own blood.

How is it performed?

First, blood is drawn from the patient according to the size of the area to be treated. Then the blood is centrifuged and thus separated into its individual components.

For the PRP treatment, blood protein and platelets are retained and – if applicable supplemented with hyaluronic acid – injected evenly and deeply into the areas of skin to be treated, where their special growth potential develops: They attract stem cells which stimulate the natural process of tissue regeneration and activate collagen formation.

The result is improved appearance of the skin and the rejuvenation of skin and connective tissue from within – and the effects last up to two years.

PRP has been a proven method for a long time for wound healing or pain therapy – and now it can also help you to once again feel comfortable in your skin. Rosenpark Clinic uses exclusively the regenerative power of the patient's own body and therefore does not treat the platelet-rich plasma with activators prior to injection.

Is some sort of anesthesia required?

The treatment is performed under <link en rosenpark-klinik range-of-treatments anesthesia local-anesthesia internal-link internal link in current>local anesthesia using a cream. We kindly ask you to be at the clinic one hour before your date, so that we can apply the cream.

For more information about your options for a comfortable, pain-free treatment see the <link en rosenpark-klinik range-of-treatments anesthesia internal-link internal link in current>anesthesia section.

When can I resume normal daily activities?

Immediately. Following the outpatient treatment, you can resume normal daily activities, perform work or participate in sports without any limitations. Hematomas (bruising) which may develop can be covered with make-up.

You can find more information in our "Facial rejuvenation" information sheets, which you can request from us free of charge.

Are you interested in a no-obligation personal consultation for wrinkle treatment and skin tightening at Rosenpark Klinik? We would be happy to schedule an appointment for you.

Expert tip:

Dr. Sonja Sattler: "PRP is skin revitalization and renewal in its most natural form. Rely on your body's own self-healing powers!"

What else you can do

  • Following treatment, our cosmetics department recommends special skin care for you which is intended to support the skin firming process as much as possible.
  • PRP is also suitable for combination with other methods, for example, treatment with botulinum.